November 2018

Finished an open roof swap body project for a client in Norway. The client wanted a container with 4500 kg kerb mass for carrying bulk material. Additionally, a cordless drill powered hydro system that opens and closes the roof.

The key issue with the project was finding a solution that ensures the kerb mass and measurement requirements. Meeting the last requirement was a challenge because during the road test, the bulk material affected the container sides with more force than expected due to rattling, causing more deformation than allowed. Therefore, we had to change the construction of the side section of the container and added some fortifying boards. The project illustrated the need for proper product testing and tested our ability to find an operative solution.

September 2018

Shower room-toilet in container completed. The Swedish emergency service received a sanitary container with a Hooklift solution that can be moved around quickly. We integrated four toilets and a shower room in the 1C 20 ft container. The container can be quickly moved wherever necessary to provide sanitary conditions for the employees. The challenge was finding a suitable disinfection procedure and a solution that is as easy to use as possible for the water supply system. We know that Legionellainfection, for example, can even be fatal. Often times, people only start reading the manual once they have run out of ideas, so in this case, following the manual is absolutely critical. After disinfecting, warm water and a nice indoor climate are available in a few minutes, even if a typical North Swedish winter is raging outside. An excellent example of functionality and compactness meets engineering.

June 2018

Have you ever thought that a tire workshop could be located in a container?

Probably not…

We finished an order from the United Arab Emirates, as a result of which we made eight container tire workshops. As containers, we used the so-called 3in1 solution with sections opening on the sides of the 1CC 20 ft frame. This means that we integrated side sections that can be opened from both sides of the frame in the centre frame. These allow the floor area to be expanded by up to 35 m2.

The project was challenging because we needed to integrate all the floors, walls and ceilings of the side sections as well as all the tire exchange equipment so that these would fit in the central part of the container. An additional request was that it should only take 20 minutes maximum to open the container and set up the tire workshop. Thus, we designed a crane for handling the tires (maximum 2 m diameter, weighing 1 tonne), a tire assembly device and a run-flat assembly device. Of course, the tire workshops also got air conditioners, generators and compressors – all of which can be set up quickly and conveniently according to the initial task.

The project was further complicated by the fact that our engineers participated in the development of the tire exchange device along with the specialists from the Italian supplier factory. This was a great example of a tense but extremely interesting and fruitful collaboration. “It’s a miracle!” said the client representative once they had seen the completed tire workshops in action.